Another product in our romantic flamingo range, this pretty tin features two striking flamingoes with necks and heads combining to form a heart shape.  


The sample message reads "Tha gaol agam ort" which is the Scottish Gaelic for "I love you" - we can personalise your tin just as you would like it though.  If you would like your message in Gaelic but aren't sure of the spelling, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.  


The tin is a perfect size for storing medium to small sized items - we've used ours for sweets, another one for seeds and yet another as a gift box for our lovely scented wax melts! 


The tin is approximately 12cm in diameter and is approximately 6cm high.  


Your tin can be supplied empty for you to fill with your own gift or it can contain 3 wax melts, nestled in a bed of tissue paper.  Each hand poured natural soy wax melt is in the shape of a little tart - they really do look good enough to eat!  (Please don't, though!)  They are delicately scented and come in a variety of pretty pastel colours.  Our house smells amazing with all the beautiful fragrances as we test them! 


The melts measure approximately 5.5cm in diameter and are approximately 2cm high.  

Personalised Flamingo Couple Tin